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Molly's Jungle

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 Come Over To My House


We just released the online version of our new EP Come Over to My House! Download it for free over at our Bandcamp.

This is a short collection of songs that’s been in slow-progress for a few years now. The songs are sort of electronics-based, completely written and produced with a computer. We were very lucky to get in touch with Landy Shores, the guitarist from RAMP, who remotely recorded a guitar part for “Horticulture Friends.” Ron mastered it at Forest City back in February. Chris Busby reviewed it in March’s Bollard.

D.J. put many, many hours into the artwork for this thing! This is only half of it…

…the other half will be visible on the CD release from Peapod a little bit later this Spring.

a few upcoming shows:

April 16: Record Store Day show at Newbury Comics in SoPo with Kurt Baker, Grand Hotel, more
April 23: Geno’s for the Metal Feathers CD release with the Rattlesnakes and aLEX kEATON
May 28: AWESOME PARTY at Chris and Emily’s house in New Hampshire with Metal Feathers, Brenda, MMOSS, more
June 11: DEEP HEAVEN NOW at SPACE with Metal Feathers, MMOSS, more

 Foam Castles – hello


If you keep an eye on our SoundCloud, you can hear some songs I’ve been semi-regularly sharing. They’re in-progress, castaways, demos, etc. May try to compile some of the electronic-based tracks onto an EP at some point soon…

We are playing a show with the ever-existent GULLY and the new, huge ensemble SUNSET HEARTS at the Empire Room in Portland on January 8th, a Saturday. Check out that Facebook event. We’ll also be involved in some capacity with the final installment of Space Gallery’s DEAD OF WINTER at the end of January.

In a few weeks we’ll begin the real tracking of the fourth Foam Castles full-length, the follow-up to Molly’s Jungle. D.J. Moore, Tyler Quist, Mandy Wheeler and myself will be the primary players on this effort.

I think that’s it!


 Live Foam Castles


Foam Castles recently debuted V1 of their live band at Geno’s in Portland, featuring all three members of Brenda, Jay Lobley (Metal Feathers/Cult Maze) and Tyler Quist. The same lineup will perform next Friday at Space for the Honey Clouds album release show, but look for other variations on the Foam Castles live experience this summer.